Anyone struggling to get into routine with the workouts, something always takes priority and then I put it off! Need to be accountable , anyone fancy some joint motivation?

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almost 4 years

That's really good advice DariaN I'm going to try that thanks xx

almost 4 years

You get used to it, just push through. Believe me, I'm the queen of making up excuses NOT to exercise. I tried everything but in the end it's all up to you and how you treat it. I started scheduling it in my agenda as something non-negotiable and made a deal with myself. If I doubt wether to go or not, I go. If it's "too sunny" to go, I walk home (1,30 hours). If I have something else to do, I'll do a 15-20 min workout with fitness blender channel. The only reason I cancel is if I'm genuinely sleepy, tired or sick. Nothing else. After about a month or so of struggling I got so used to going to the gym, I don't really think about it anymore. If I skip for some reason, I feel like something's missing. Set up small goals. Don't think of it as "I have to exercise". Think "I will to put trainers on. Now I will leave the office/flat. Now I'll walk half way to the gym, etc." Sounds silly but it works.

almost 4 years

Yes I always feel like this! Sometimes it will be a pain I'm experiencing like a headache or tummy ache and I'll put it off till the next day, and other times I will put it off till later that day due to it being too hot or i need to have breakfast first lol. Why can't I just get up, do my exercise and start my day?!

Joanne Sinead Cleeve
almost 4 years

My partner has agreed to run with me on couch to 5k then I do yoga after this is 3 times a week then gym in between if I can but bits and bobs in a routine first once it becomes habit it's easier X