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Hi everyone. Really tempted to give this a go but I'm a student so dubious when it comes to the cost but mainly the cost of the weekly shop. Would you guys say it's worth it? Has the weekly shop been costly of Not? Would love some feedback if you can :)

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Madeleine Shaw
almost 3 years

Hello!! We aimed for about £40-£45 xx

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almost 3 years

It's so good as even if you spend slightly more than normal there is no wasted food or wasted money! Which normally I buy food then cook something else so have to throw a load of food out! It's amazing!:) X

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almost 3 years

Hey! I'm a student too! 😊 I managed to do the weekly shop for this week for £25, so I don't think its too bad. Although I already had a lot of the store cupboard stuff, so if you don't the first shop may be quite expensive but after that I think it will be much cheaper 😊 and I love this app, so yes I would say its worth getting 💚

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almost 3 years


I think it's the store cupboard type stuff that's the initial cost...oils, tahini etc but once you have it it will last! The actual fresh produce I found reasonable! Plus you could always swap out the meat and that would make it cheaper... Also I will save a ton of money not buying lunches / breakfasts out ! As that always adds up! Xx