Walked around 9 miles on Sunday, including climbing this hill (the hard way - who needs a path when you can fight your way through heather, gorse and bracken? 😂). Finished with a meal at an organic farm café and treated myself to some goodies in their shop afterwards. 😊

Proud of myself as I am rather embarrassingly unfit at the moment and I think conquering the hill (ok, it's not that big!) is quite an achievement. I wasn't stopping until I got to the top!

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almost 4 years

Thank you all. 😊 It was a great day out!

Susan McGarrigle
almost 4 years

Well done Danielle !

almost 4 years

Well done you. 9 miles is l-o-n-g xx

almost 4 years

Sounds like a perfect day! Well done👍

Jenny Quinn
almost 4 years

Yay well done! Beautiful views xx

almost 4 years

Well Done!

Jess Simons
almost 4 years

Well done that's an amazing effort!!