Hi everyone!

I finished the plan a while back now when it was first realised but since then I've been REALLY bad eating takeaways and convenience food, being lazy and stopping my 2 year gym addiction. Let's just say work and life took over and I lost my love of being healthy and exercising.

So husband and I want to start the plan again from week 1 as we're both feeling really unhealthy and sluggish. And having the weeks meals planned previously was a godsend when we work long hours. However, I'm now vegetarian. Fellow veggies how do you make it work whilst still being nutritious?

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over 3 years

Welcome back😊 I am vegetarian but eat plant-based meals most of the time nowadays. I've found the Glow Guides recipes can often be switched to vegetarian/vegan quite successfully but i am still looking forward to the vegan version being released! I also use recipes from Madeleine's books and others like 'Oh she Glows' , 'Deliciously Ella' and I subscribe to a weekly vegan meal plan. I think the key to success for you will be too ease back into it slowly. Take-aways and processed foods are high in sugar, fat and salt (all things we are programmed to like!)and if you try and go back to super healthy eating overnight I think the food might tastes quite bland in comparison. I think I would start with 3 healthy meals a week and build up from there. Also if you can prep them ahead of time this saves you giving in to temptation if you are tired when you get home from work. I find that a lot of the plant based meals I make can easily be prepped (or even made entirely) a week in advance.