Any pregnant women following the plan? I've been so bad with my eating since my severe morning sickness and now just want to eat Sugar all the time. Thinking maybe I should loosely follow the plan with some added calories. Do people think this would be ok?

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over 3 years

thanks for all the comments! I'm 26 weeks this week. I'll maybe just start by incorporating some of the recipes into my diet and go from there... xx

over 3 years

Hey! I was following glow guides before I got pregnant. Then, like yourself I suffered terrible sickness and so any form of healthy eating /exercise went out the window :( I'm now 27 weeks and whilst the nausea has subsided, I'm suffering PGP and feel so far removed from the programme, that the thought of re starting again scares me! I would like to though! I think it's such a healthy way of eating! Good luck to you if you decide to try it again! I'd be interested to hear how you get on xx

Joanne M
over 3 years

I do it but I don't stick to it completely. I definitely add extras in as well but I know it's a lot healthier for me and the baby than if I was left to my own devices 🙊 I snack on oat cakes when I'm hungry. Last pregnancy I practically lived on cakes so this works for me anyway. ❤️ xxx

over 3 years

I'm sure I read somewhere that too much tumeric was bad during pregnancy, but you'd think the meals would be OK. Congratulations!!