Hello! I've just purchased the app and I'm wondering whether the evening recipes are just for one person? Should I double up on the food for my partner and I, so we can eat together? Can anyone help? 😀

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almost 4 years

portions are large!!

almost 4 years

I tend to use 1.5 times the quantities as I like having leftovers for lunch the next day but my partner prefers to pick up something different in work xx

almost 4 years

They are for two servings, so if you want to have leftovers for lunches you'll need to double up X

almost 4 years

Thanks very much! That helps - I guess I'll try it this week by myself to see how I get on!

almost 4 years

Welcome to the Glow App - each recipe (under the recipe name) will tell u how many portions the listed ingredients should make I believe

almost 4 years

welcome! as far as I know they are portions for one person 😊