Hi ladies. I was wondering what everyone does before and after their workout with meals/protein shakes. For example if I exercise in the morning, is it a good idea to wake up, have breakfast, do my exercise and have a protein shake after (almond milk, protein powder, banana, peanut butter, for example) or is this counted as my breakfast and I should have it before my workout? Or is it even necessary to have a protein shake? I usually do cardio but 2x a week want to do weights. Thank you! X

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This was helpful! Thanks!

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Thank you both for your replies and help. I'm going to plan out some breakfast ideas that hopefully will keep me full till lunchtime! X

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Hi it is very important to refuel your body after a workout.
This is so you can replace and replenish lost fluids ,electrolytes and glycogen. It also needs to repair damaged muscle tissue and build new tissue for a toned, strong body.
This is where protein shakes come in. Or if you're pushed for time a handful of almonds or even a banana! The post workout meal is important whatever the time of day!
Although some research shows that fasting workouts are suitable for some it does not work for all body types. (it can vary between the type of workout you do to who you are) Listen to your own body and remember what breakfast means you are breaking the fast! Your body needs to have something to burn on to survive through the day. So pre-or post workout breakfast is always essential!
Hope this helps

Jenny Quinn
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Hey. I always do a fasted workout at about 6am and try and eat breakfast within half an hour of finishing my workout. I always make sure it includes carbs and protein so e.g. Overnight oats topped with fruit, nuts or seeds xxx