I just joined guys and I'm super excited! Doing my first workout this afternoon. Any advice to a newbie?

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Charlotte Buijs
over 2 years

Thanks everyone! Will keep this in mind :)

over 2 years

Hi Charlotte and welcome :) I would recommend finding a 2nd snack that's healthy and delicious but will still keep you full, as I get quite hungry from just having the one energy ball! I recommend Bounce Balls (cacao and mint/cacao and orange are my fave) or homemade granola with yoghurt and applesauce is another favourite) Also I found the workouts quite tough when I first joined so, like @Jenny Quinn said, just ease yourself in and don't push yourself too hard. :) x

Jenny Quinn
over 2 years

Welcome lovely. If you are new to exercise ease yourself in and listen to your body xx

over 2 years

The portion sizes are a little big