Hi everyone I'm a newbie and starting today! 😬 I just wondered if there is restricted times to eat all the meals? As in you have to eat before 6pm or 7pm. I'm a shift worker and work nights so just wondered if the plan can still work for me?

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That's great thanks so much 😊 x

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I'm working nights shifts at the moment and trying to figure this out too! I don't think it matters as much because we are up and moving about so our food will be digesting rather than going to bed. I normally have my dinner before I go to work at about 1800 then take a smoothie to work and some snacks like some sweet potatoe wedges. Then when it comes to 600am I reach for some porridge with a nut butter mixed in! Hope this helps I feel you pain, it's really hard to stick to a strict routine, but nights are difficult on your body anyway so just try your best! Hope that helps a bit x