Is anyone heading along to Madeleine's Christmas supper club? I just bought my ticket and am so excited! Don't have any buddies going though - would love to meet some of you if anyone's planning to go?
Write my name in the box indicated so we can sit close by if so!
What a great start to the Christmas month! 😍

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over 3 years

I've just looked and it's sold out 🙃

Jenny Quinn
over 3 years

I'd love to go to this. When is it? @Jess Simons I was trying to add you to our group but couldn't add you as a friend. Could you try adding me and maybe it'll work xx

Jess Simons
over 3 years

Let me know if you end up getting a ticket :)

over 3 years

I'd like to do Jess I'm going to see if I can xx