Hi glowgirls! I was wondering about form in the workouts - with a step up you are supposed to push from your heel, but is that the heel of your foot that is up on the step or below on the ground? I feel like I push up with my foot that's on the floor rather than the one on the step - is that right?

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over 3 years

Yes it's the foot on the step- bit tricky to master but it also protects the knee I think -you can kind of feel when you have it right! X

over 3 years

I think she means the foot on the step as that's the leg you're mainly using to push yourself up and to drive from the heel so then it activates the glutes and gets that boooooty! Xx

Charlotte Buijs
over 3 years

Yeah I think the vid says to push from the heel? But like which foot? On the floor or on the step?

over 3 years

I am a bit confused. I would think you push up from the ball off the foot no?very hard and not functionally correct to push up from the heel as we are not made that way.
Does it say on the vid to push up from heel? Xxx