Morning Glow Community!
Just wanted to send a note to say HAPPY FRIDAY with a pic of the Get The Glow brekkie -scrambled eggs with pesto & avo, whipped this up post 6KM run with adidas runners this AM in London.
I joined Glow Guides Jan this year, when it launched, and have pretty much been following it ever since then. The philosophy and exercise boost has literally changed my life - I exercise 4x a week and the foundation of food diet stems from the Guides and books! I've fallen back in love with food and, for those that have just started - GOOD LUCK. Thanks Madeleine and Shona. Totally rock. Xxx 😘

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over 3 years

Awesome post! ❤

over 3 years

I am about to start the programme tomorrow, so thanks for the encouragement!