Just love the Quinoa and Roast Sweet Potato Cashew Pot!! So delish. Start Week 8 tomorrow, didn't think I'd get all the way through but it's been so much easier than I thought! I was massively addicted to sugar (think a 3 chocolate bars a day habit + loads of other sugar each day) and I had ferocious sugar cravings in week 2, but now it's plain sailing and I feel amazing. So grateful for Glow Guides, this is the only plan that's ever actually worked!

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Madeleine Shaw
about 3 years

So glad you're loving it babe, keep it up xxx

over 3 years

Fantastic well done you! X

over 3 years

Well done! That's one of my favourites xxx

over 3 years

That is so amazing. Well done you 🙏