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Merry Christmas everyone! I hope that everyone had a stress-free, happy and indulgent day! I'm so excited for veggie glow guides in Jan- I did the plan when it first came out and loved it! Since then I've been veggie so have only followed the plan loosely. Can't wait to get stuck in again. Hands up whoever is starting in January! 👐

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Sammy H
almost 2 years

Hi all, so I've started the plan today and swapped Sunday for Tuesday. Because I had too much on over new year I didn't want to wait until next Sunday. Guessed it would be cool because I'm back to work tomorrow so it feels like Sunday. Done all my prep and just ate roast chicken very yummy!!! So from this mixed up person hello!!!

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Gemma Johnson
almost 2 years

I got app last January @nicolelouise but really just used as recipe inspiration as vegetarian so definitely up for following new plan in new year! Xx

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almost 2 years

Hi girls! Some old faces here hope you are all well!! I can see maddie says veggie plan is Jan but does anyone know if it is available for 1st so we can get going? Really want some new recipes for a new year xxx

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almost 2 years

I'm looking forward to starting the veggie version in January. I also did the original plan when Glow Guides started and made it veggie friendly for me. Can't wait to do Maddies plan, a great way to start the New Year! Good luck! 🙏🙏😀

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almost 2 years

I'm also waiting for the veggie plan to go live. Can't wait to get back on track x

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almost 2 years

Hi lovely - hope you're enjoying the holidays! I'm definitely starting again! Had an amazing year after doing the plan and could do with a kick-start into 2017. Do u know when the veggie plan is available? x