I'm starting the glow guides programme next Sunday. Excited! What's everyone else's experience when living with partners/boyfriends?

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Cl Araj
about 3 years

Thanks for all your comments!!!

about 3 years

my boyfriend liked the food, occasionally there was a dud meal that even I didn't like but he was very gratious and even greatful I had organised food and groceries

Tasha's Kitchen
about 3 years

My partner has quite a lot of allergies (fruit being the major one) so I thought it would be easier to do the cooking just for me to start with & then see how things go. Good luck

Hannah Wood
about 3 years

My husband did the full plan with me. He was a bit sceptical at first but soon got into it when it meant he had lunch made for him to take to work each day 😂 x

Gemma Johnson
about 3 years

I'm vegetarian so I tweak to leave meat out but my husband enjoys a lot of the recipes but will add meat to his or bigger portions x

about 3 years

Hi! My husband has always just eaten what I have, occasionally on a Friday I would choose something different from one of maddies books like the steak and parsnip chips xx