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Frothed Turmeric Milk. I recommend it!

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almost 3 years

Great tip! I'm going try this with my Nespresso machine tomorrow thanks

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almost 3 years

thanks for the tip! 👍

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almost 3 years

That is such a fab idea

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Paige Barlow
almost 3 years

Such a great idea. I'm definitely going to do that with my Nespresso machine tomorrow! X

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almost 3 years

I have a nespresso frother but you can use a hand held frother which you can pick up on Amazon for about £10. Rice milk is a tad hard to froth and I find it a tad too sweet so I use unsweetened almond milk with calcium

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almost 3 years

Heaven 😱

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almost 3 years

How did you make it frothy 🤔🤔

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almost 3 years

Oh I love this idea! X

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almost 3 years

Thanks for the tip. Need to get some turmeric it split everywhere