Hi, is anyone else breastfeeding? I have just signed up and was wondering if you add in extra snacks or anything extra with meals instead? and if so what? Thanks! X

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over 3 years

I had an extra healthy snack or two if needed and had no problems. I'm not sure about other nutrients but I'd just be aware of your calcium intake in particular as baby will take whatever it needs from you (as with all other nutrients it needs), leaving you depleted. I buy almond milk fortified with calcium but it still doesn't contain much and I have just been advised by a dietician to take a calcium supplement as well. She has seen the diet I am on which is largely following the plan. Apparently cress is full of calcium - 120g serving has as much calcium as a yoghurt!

over 3 years

Hi @rollo79c I have no experience with breastfeeding personally but from what I understand the plan is on the lower side of calorie intake and mostly low carb. I'd say be mindful of that and watch if your supply doesn't drop. They say you need an extra 500-700kcal a day if you're breastfeeding so restricting your calorie intake might have an impact on that. But as I said that's my own understanding, not coming from personal experience so might be totally wrong. Good luck x