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Mmmmm, how delicious was the red lentil and butternut curry! There’s nothing more comforting than a creamy curry and chilling out! How’s Week 3 going for you guys? 🥘

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Glow Girl NW Leah
over 1 year

Curry is my favourite recipe so far 👌🏼

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over 1 year

Had the Miso roasted aubergine with asian spiced salmon tonight. My presentation wasn't pretty but it was delicious 😁 Still struggling with some of the recipes being unclear but persevering. Still waiting for my glow x

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over 1 year

Not had my curry yet it is bubbling away as I type!! Can't wait tho,it smells divine, I'm on week 2 but mixing it up a little! loving these veggie recipes and glowing like a ⭐️ x

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Ida-Sofia Vihersaari
over 1 year

I'm well, thanks!