Hello glow squad

Quick question. In the mornings I'm just not hungry. The idea of food makes me queasy and if I try and force some down I feel so sick. Does anyone else have this lack of appetite in the morning? If so what do you do about it? Thanks xxxx

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about 3 years

try a smoothie

Glow Girl NW Leah
over 3 years

Overnight oats are great to put in a old jam jar & take to work 👌🏼

Lynn Watkinson
over 3 years

I sometimes take a slice of rye bread and an avocado to work. I even keep the chilli flakes in my desk drawer!! So easy to just mush up ...and I am even happy to have the bread untoasted.

over 3 years

Yea then I don't have time! Haha it's a bit of a rock and hard place.

over 3 years

Hi I haven't started the plan yet but yes ATM I do have that, I really can't face food when I wake up all of a sudden. I bring my breakfast to make at work when I haven't been up an hour or so. Have you tried that? X