Morning lovely ladies, hope you're all well? So I looked in the mirror this morning and saw Jabba the Hut staring back at me 😢 my skin is dreadful, my hair is a mess and I'm really quite sad at the moment. So I'm getting back on that wagon and giving Glow Guides a good go, I need a kick up the bum I think!! I've got my shopping list and I've printed off the meal plan so this Sunday will be kick off! I hope you all have a fab day, I'll need some help and support from you all I reckon!!! Much love, Donna xxx 😘

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about 3 years

I too need to reboot, I felt fantastic last time - then Christmas and sugar came along. Time for action...

about 3 years

Morning Donna!! How is the first day going? I'm restarting today also. Well, starting with glow style eating and gently doing more exercise, i will be starting the programme next Sunday. Like you I need a kick up the bum. Did lots of glow stuff last year, then panicked about needing to loose weight and started counting calories and ended up eating lots of frankenfoods because they're low in cals, and feel rubbish now and have put weight on to boot. Meh ☹️
Anyway, I just wanted to say well done for doing something positive for yourself, you deserve it and you'll feel better soon. I might hit you up for some bum kicking if I need some encouragement 😆
Happy glowing 💫💖✨

about 3 years

Know the feeling. Go for it!

about 3 years

thanks so much ladies I really do need to get going! I've scrubbed the kitchen and I'm off to get the shopping done, I'm looking forward to it now, have a lovely weekend folks xxx

about 3 years

Go for it!! I need to start too!!

about 3 years

Awww Hun don't beat yourself up think of all the things your body can do and think once you start again Sunday and get in to the swing of things how can you'll feel xxx

about 3 years

You will feel so much better for it!! Just don't give up and keep glowing! The results are worth it!

about 3 years

Good luck! I am also starting on Sunday x