Hi everyone... I'm planning to buy the guide, if I buy it now can I start it when I want or does it just start as soon as you buy it?
do you get to keep all the material after 8 weeks?
and finally how is everyone getting on encorporating other house hold members into the meal plan?

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about 3 years

thank you for the reply both 😊 I think I will go for it 👍 xx

about 3 years

well worth it...ive tried several and this is one of the best. go for it!!! recipes are delicious

Susan McGarrigle
about 3 years

Hi, no once you have purchased it, it is yours to keep and use as you like. No time limits or constraints. Getting the others on board will depend on your household! Hubby will pretty much eat whatever I make (although is not a sweet potato fan) kids... bit of a hit or miss. I use quite a lot of Madeline's recipes from her books for them ( well all of us) meatballs, chicken burgers, Mexican mince etc...