If I'm feeling unenergised and generally a bit rubbish, exercise is my go-to! It sounds crazy to exercise when feeling a bit sluggish however I find that I come out feeling like a new woman, totally energised and feeling great about myself. The magic of endorphins 😉 What are your best motivators to get you in the mood for moving your body? Let me know in the comments xxx

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about 3 years

Knowing how I'm gonna feel after - also routine helps! Having a goal to set for my body and how I want to feel also helps

about 3 years

Just knowing how I'll feel later. I'd lie if I said I get up at 6am smiling and happy I have to be at the gym in 30 min. But I feel full of energy later and nothing beats that feeling you get when you finish work and you're free to do what you please because the workout is done for the day! And if you're consistent it becomes part of your day, like brushing your teeth or having breakfast or going to work and then when you miss a workout you fell somethings not quite right .

about 3 years

I really needed a post like this!!! I'm gonna try excercise again!