To the mums out there: has anyone during their pregnancy been taking antibiotics? I'm in week 14 with an urine infection and the doctor gave me an antibiotic but I a little unsure what to do .... any help/experience is appreciated ✨❤🌟👶🏼

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about 3 years

I ended up with a worse kidney infection by not taking them so i would definitely say take them but wholeheartedly 2nd @veece123 advice regarding probiotics! Best of luck with your pregnancy 😊

about 3 years

You could also look into probiotics that are safe to take in pregnancy to help replace gut flora if you do end up taking them. Biocare do a good range.

about 3 years

Thank you so much for your advice! It means a lot! 💗thank you!!!

about 3 years

Yes, for same reason. It's your call, but I was concerned of infection getting worse and potentially doing damage to the baby. You could give yourself a few days to try some natural remedies and if no improvement go for the antibiotics.
I think I was week 10 or so,
Good luck xx

Lynn Watkinson
about 3 years

I had antibiotics in pregnancy. Some of them are fine. I also had a lot of antibiotics for mastitis when breastfeeding and so my children got lots of exposure then too. Copied from internet- With so many antibiotics available, it isn't possible to list all of them here. But common antibiotics that are generally considered safe during pregnancy include penicillins (such as amoxicillin and ampicillin), cephalosporins (such as cephalexin), and erythromycin.

about 3 years

Speak to your pharmacist xx