hey I've got two questions:
munch: for the turmeric milk can i use the ground ginger I've got in my cupboard? it says fresh ginger so I'm not sure if i can't is it because ground ginger doesn't have his properties anymore?

move: my body hurts!!!!! should i give it a rest or is the pain going to go even if i do the exercises every day?

thanks :)

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about 3 years

If it's sore muscles try foam rolling đź‘Ś

about 3 years

I would say fresh ginger will have more nutrients and benefits but you could use the dried one till you get hold of some fresh. Fresh turmeric is also good, you can get it from abel and cole and ocado! :) some pain is ok if it's sore muscles and not injury. make sure u drink lots of water and stretch it out to release and get rid of the lactic acid xxx