Hi everyone,
I've downloaded the app but not signed up to the progamme yet. I've got one of the books and absolutely love the recipes in it. I'm thinking of signing up to the plan but before I do I just wondered what everyone thought about it? I know it's not a diet plan but I am hoping to lose a bit of weight and tone up and also create a bit of a calmer outlook on life. Any advice is greatly appreciated 😃

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almost 2 years

I can't recommend the programme enough. I love it. Made me feel amazing and doing it again as of today x

Rebecca Seed
almost 2 years

Hey Emma, I'm the same - had the app maybe a year and decided I'm going to go for it and start the programme tomorrow. let's see how we get on!

Emma W
almost 2 years

Thanks guys 😃. I've taken the plunge but can't actually start it for a week or so. Knowing it's there is a big step in the right direction for me though. X

almost 2 years

It's fantastic, it really helped me think about what I ate, and the importance of taking time for myself! X

almost 2 years

Hi Emma,
I just started myself so I cannot comment on its effectiveness, but I can say how impressed I am with the quality of what you get. The workouts are great and, as you know if you have her book, her recipes are yummy too. I recommend. I hope that helps. :)