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Yesterday I completed my first marathon I only took running up at 40 and I still can't believe I achieved 26.2 miles of running in very hot weather. I loved it and what an amazing Brighton crowd. You can achieve your dreams. Xx

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Michaela Jones
over 1 year

Well done!

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over 1 year

Wow! What an achievement

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over 1 year

Wow fantastic well done! 👏

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over 1 year

Well done 👏 my husband is doing the London one in two weeks. We've both recently taken up running and completed halfs. It's amazing what you can do - I definitely find it's more mental strength than any other exercise I've done . Well done again - it was boiling on Sunday! X

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over 1 year

Well done, that is a terrific achievement!!

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Madeleine Shaw
over 1 year

That is absolutely amazing, well done babe! ❤️

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over 1 year

Such an achievement! Well done-
Amazing! X

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over 1 year

Wow that's amazing! Well done you. Fantastic achievement ❤