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Anyone else get up today and think what on earth have I done this weekend? Clothes are tight, I feel really bloated and bleugh. I've not even started the plan properly yet but after the few changes I have made I've really noticed the difference today after eating so much 'bad' food this weekend. Everything is sorted for the week ahead though now 😃.

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Madeleine Shaw
over 1 year

You've got this! 💪🏼😘

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over 1 year

I feel your pain, sometimes it's not worth eating bad!!

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over 1 year

yep me too, has really messed with my digestion and mood over Easter and half term. I'm very motivated now as a result of feeling rubbish! xx

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over 1 year

Totally with you on that one lovely! Starting the plan again tomorrow as I'm sure a lot of us will be! X

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over 1 year

Definitely - after a long weekend of booze and sugar I've felt like rubbish today! I woke up grumpy and have been really low on energy. Nothing makes you realise how beneficial eating well is until you go off track and see the results!