Trying to buy the glow guides vegetarian program on the desktop website, but it doesn't specify vegetarian on there, how do I go about it?

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Madeleine Shaw
almost 3 years

@myna Hey babe, once you purchase the programme you will have access to all Move, Munch and Meditate content, including the Vegetarian programme. Hope this answers your question xxx

almost 3 years

I've only done it on a phone sorry- I think it's a very active community and anyone will help you if have any questions- I have made some friends for life on here and they would all be so willing to offer any advice! Get stuck in and good luck lovely. I think when people have done it a few times then they tend to do follow their own thing to keep it going but always here for support! Good luck xx

almost 3 years

Thankyou but the discount code is not applied on the app for some reason. Also having second thoughts as this community doesn't seem very active and seem to wait long to have any question answered.

almost 3 years

I'm not sure but when I bought the program on the Apple App Store you can chose which one you want in the app xx