Realisation this week. Loving yourself isn't just about eating healthy and exercise. It's finding a continuous acceptance with yourself and stopping the negative self-talk. Would we tell a friend off for not doing exercise or having a biscuit or leaving work on time for once ? No. Way. Then why is it ok to criticise ourselves? It's not and it's unhealthy. It's not an overnight fix but for me just realising how mean I was being to myself is a good start. x

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almost 3 years

Being positive about ourselves is such a big step and isn't always easy! I need to stop comparing myself to others! I'm my own person and don't need outside validation! X

almost 3 years

I so agree. No one speaks to us like we talk to ourselves (hopefully!!) xx

almost 3 years

totally agree. ..I would never talk to others the way I talk to myself! good at giving advice but not listening to myself. I'm with you with self acceptance and stopping to negativity 😊xx