This is my first post 😁 I'm loving the plan so far - food is delish and the workouts and yoga are great! One question I have is about meals out - I know people have already posted about this but what happens if there are no healthy and "clean" options?! Eg. it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and two of my dear friends are taking me for afternoon tea at the weekend to celebrate. I'm thinking that life's too short and as long as I get back on with the plan straight after, I'll be okay? Thoughts much appreciated! x

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Madeleine Shaw
about 5 years

Haha I agree don't worry too much about one bad meal X

about 5 years

Hehe thanks jenhamer 😊

about 5 years

For sure, you only live once and you would not want to look back and think "why did I not allow myself to enjoy my birthday". What's the worst that can happen , go and enjoy yourself , eat yummy stuff X