Just started my glow plan and loving it already though finding it a bit tricky as I cook for my husband too I.e. No leftovers for lunch. Also, has anyone had success with overnight oats? Checked mine this morning and nothing has absorbed!

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Amanda Louise McWhirter
almost 3 years

Thank you!

almost 3 years

Hey, there was a post on Maddie's wall a while ago that adjusted the amount of milk as it was a typo, I think. I'm sure it's 175ml instead of 350! Xx

almost 3 years

I would check if they are jumbo oats as that might make a difference...but unsure!

almost 3 years

Hi glad your enjoying it. Just double up recipes then there's enough for you both for lunch and dinners. Oats I always add much less milk than it says. Or I whizz up in nutribullet and make a smoothie ☺️