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im thinking of starting but thinking its bst to start after my holiday in 2 weeks time , just wanted to introduce myself, im 34 and im begining to become more healthy and trying not to rely on sugar as much as i do, and hoping this plan helps that

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Madeleine Shaw
about 1 year

The sooner the better ❤️ let's get glowing xx

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over 1 year

I personally would start now. you have a couple of weeks to get into it and then it will help.you make more informed healthy choices while u r away x enjoy x

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over 1 year

Enjoy your holidays, I'm sure you'll enjoy this on your return 👍

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over 1 year

thank u for your reply

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over 1 year

once you're back from your holiday you'll feel fresh and ready! we will be here to help you along the way! 💪