We don’t diet here on Glow Guides, we eat nutritious, healthy foods that are delicious, full of energy and the nutrients you need to glow from the inside, out. If you’ve just started the plan, welcome to a new way of living ❣️

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about 3 years

Your program is exactly what I've been looking for!!
I really like your turmeric drink. I was actually quite surprised by its good taste.
Looking forward to some live streaming!

about 3 years

I feel like its easy to be conditioned by yo yo dieting, so its important I remember this 😊

about 3 years

So true! I changed my eating habits completely in January and have never eaten so well in my life! as a consequence, I've lost a stone and a half and a half and goodness knows how many inches, but get really cross when people ask what 'diet' I am on!

Nicola Jones
about 3 years

Word! 🙌🏼

about 3 years

This is so true! It's one of the things I love about it as it's a focus on adapting your lifestyle not a quick fix to get you into that bikini for your holiday or your skinny jeans again! Hate diets marketed as that! Lifestyle should always be key! X