Morning glowers!
So I've just done workout B for the first time and to say that I struggled is an understatement! I feel quite down and just completely unfit afterwards, anyone else feel the same? I would imagine they get easier with time but I'm so glad I was alone as it was embarrassing 🙈 xx

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about 3 years

I was the same but I did it and it will only get easier :-)

about 3 years

But you did it! And t was your first time! Think of first day at school, or driving or cooking. You feel completely out on tune but then it just gets easier and easier. Just congratulate yourself that you completed it and laugh at the minor mishaps. I went to a step class the other day and I felt so uncoordinated, like I had two left feet. I work out every day, weights, yoga, rebound classes and yet there I was having no clue on how to do anything correctly. I felt like an elephant at a china store but you know what? It was fun nonetheless so I'm going back. The truth is no one cares how coordinated or fit you are. Just hang in there!