Hey! Just wondering if anyone benefitted from any mental changes while on this problem? I suffer from anxiety and mild depression (along with a host of digestive problems!!) and was just wondering if anyone did also? I bought this app in January and can't convince myself to start it because I'm too scared. Thanks in advance x

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almost 3 years

Agree completely with all the above! it's not written in stone - if you want to repeat a week, no problem. the beauty is that you proceed at your own pace.

almost 3 years

Hi! I suffer from anxiety too and I also bought the program and then was too scared to start. It seems a bit commitment when you look at all the things that it includes, but in fact it gives your day to day a lot of structure (and structure helps me a lot with anxiety). Instead of committing to the full program from day one, give yourself just a few days to try it little by little. At first I gave myself just a week to try the meal plan and the meditation. Then I started introducing the yoga sessions and I am slowly going on with the workouts (the scariest part, since I'm not sporty at all). If the workouts seem too long, maybe you can start with just the warm up, and try to build up the time a bit every week.

What I say to myself is: if you wait till you are ready, you will never do it!

I hope you give it a try!


almost 3 years

Hi :) I suffer from anxiety too, mainly health related but also just general anxiety/over worrying. My anxiety had got really bad recently and I seemed to be getting ill a lot. I can't recommend trying it out enough. It has 100% helped my anxiety. I still suffer obviously but it's much better and I also feel like I know how to calm myself with breathing techniques learned. I've never been into fitness but i find the exercises actually not that bad and the yoga is relaxing. I've been going at my own pace which is less daunting too. Give it a go I'm sure it will help you too!

almost 3 years

One tiny benefit re anxiety is not having to think about what you eat, you can let go about anxiety over food and trust in the plan. Sounds small but it's one of my favourite things of being In The Glow Zone

almost 3 years

Hi I think it would really help it did help me with anxiety. Thinking of giving it another whirl over the summer holidays. Chuck yourself into it I'm sure you will notice tons of difference! Good luck xx