Happy Wednesday Glow Girls! How is everyone doing? x

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almost 3 years

Hi Madeline, I just finished the Vegetarian glow Guide programme & LOVED it! I want to continue on & always feel this good!

I know you said to continue eating the same way as outlined on the programme...but what does this mean? Would drinking almond/soya milk instead of rice milk as a daily drink be okay? Also, just wondering if there are any links between what you suggest for breakfast,lunch & dinner.. i.e. between the three meals, you get your daily requirement of vitamins & minerals? Or can you mix any breakfast with any lunch & any dinner & any snack?

Also, is there any link between the meals you suggest & the work out for that day? i.e. are the meals more energizing when there is a work out with Shona?

Sorry for the long post. Just want to learn & do it correctly!!

Thanks for creating a fab app xx Life changing xx

almost 3 years

Start of my term time only contract as my oldest starts school in September. Lots of changes but looking at the positives, and a summer to put me and my family first ❤️

Jackie Richards
almost 3 years

I'm doing a lot of smiling - giving up my job to enjoy my family even more. One more day 🎉