Hi Lovelies! Happy Friday! 👋

I have missed that post-workout feeling, it feels so good to be back and active!
Today I teamed 1x weight, 1x kettlebell and 1x band up with one of my Glow Guide Plan workouts, which pushed a little more than usual.
Using weights in training is a quick and fun way to burn fat and additionally benefits your health and physical function later on in life.
It doesn't neccassrily mean you'll gain big muscles, so don't worry 😉

Have you pushed yourself this week glowgirls? Xx

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Madeleine Shaw
over 2 years

Hello @babshogg 😊 I hope you are enjoying the Glow Guides App! So, all 3 of these pieces work well with Workout A. You can access this with or without the full Glow Guides plan in the preview content. Good luck, I would love to know how it goes. Xx

over 2 years

Can you recommend a routine with these?