It's World Food Day! 😍

With a poor diet growing up, I neglected food and neglected my body. This is what inspired me to start my Glow Guides plan, so I could help others in the same situation. My plan encourages a way of life: Munch, Move and Meditate. It is designed to influence how we look, feel and think.

Food is so important to me now, and I believe there is nothing better or more important than eating good food with the people that make you happy. 😊

What are you enjoying on World Food Day? Xx

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Madeleine Shaw
over 2 years

@ladydais @marrie @Nightingale @becky30 They all sound delicious! 😋 Stay tuned for some breakfast inspiration tomorrow. Have a great day glow girls. Xx

over 2 years

This morning bacon and eggs, then tonight your lamb shank with chickpeas!

Julia Weppler
over 2 years

I Had an Omelett mit lot of veggies in it :)

over 2 years

I made your fennel and beetroot soup with a slice of quinoa bread from your latest book. I love it! :)

over 2 years

Just had poached eggs and mushrooms on sourdough! delish x