I haven’t been on here for ages but really need some advice!! What do people eat when they need a snack? I have gotten into a terrible habit of eating loads of bread at around 4pm. Don’t think I’m even hungry just habit! Any advice?x

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Madeleine Shaw
over 2 years

Hello @tiredattwo 😊 Next week I am going to include a post on my wall on tackling bad habits, so keep your eyes peeled!! Xx

over 2 years

how about a protein snack...i often make a protein smoothie and it knocks the snack attack on the head

over 2 years

Gotten into bad habits myself recently but when I was being good I'd have a banana or cacoa/nut bar or Nakd bar if being too lazy to make something. I could never make it through to dinner without a snack as we have lunch at 12 at work and usually don't eat at 8 once the kids are asleep. Maybe see if you could do without by having a glass of water and distracting yourself with an activity but if you're truly hungry then I say eat!