We all have our habits and times when we need to devour everything in sight. I know I'm guilty of a naughty sweet treat after a meal. But, what are you guilty of? 🙊 SPILL 🙊Answer below on the poll (it closes at midnight) and tomorrow I will reveal top tips on how to tackle these minor habits and to start taking small steps in the right direction! Any other naughty habits, please comment.

Get voting and stay tuned 😃 Xx

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over 2 years

It’s not so much that I nibble it’s just that if I eat dinner at 7, if I can’t fall asleep it’s midnight & I’m hungry

over 2 years

Hands up...GUILTY I am a serial on the go convinience eater

Jess Cuerden
over 2 years

My main issue is that my partners family are very big on having dessert after their tea, after 7 years it’s become a habit for me to! One I’m determined to break - I will convince myself that herbal tea is as satisfying as chocolate 😬😂

over 2 years

One I find hard to control is breakfast at hotels. I get something healthy but then inevitable have a croissant (or two). And not just one day but every day I’m on vacations. ☹️

over 2 years

Cheese and biscuits before bedtime - very bad habit, I know! 😫

over 2 years

2 and 3

over 2 years

I need to have a piece of dark chocolate after dinner (and sometimes after lunch as well) 🙈😇🍫