Fitness-Mad Safety Resistance Trainer

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almost 4 years

Hi. Which resistance band is it? There are a few to choose from when you go through to buy it.

about 4 years

Hi. Does anyone know which resistance strength we should get? Thanks

about 4 years

Is it possible to use dumbbells in place of the resistance bands?

about 4 years

What strength band do you use? Should you build up?

Madeleine Shaw
about 4 years

Hi Rosie, It really depends on the amount of resistance and whether you feel that it is providing enough of muscular contraction for you. It's totally fine that they don't have handles.

The bands we have suggested are the ones that we use ourselves, and can vouch for their quality and intensity! Xx

Rosie Soame
about 4 years

could we use a normal Pilates resistance band that doesn't have handles?