Any other former couch potatoes out there?? I haven't started my yoga or workouts so far and I have been making 'I haven't got time' excuses for it... I work full time, 2 hour daily commute, 2 young children and a dog that needs walking twice a day. But tonight I have realised that I have just messed about for an hour and done nothing in that time. So now I am thinking I may just be feeling daunted. So I just wondered, how hard are the workouts and the yoga?? 😳😔

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g-Low B
over 4 years

Thank you! So plan for tonight... Warm up, fast paced walk with the beast dog followed by Sunday stretch! Tomorrow the exercises will start. 😳 thank you x

Emma jane
over 4 years

You sound a very busy bee. If at first you're struggling with time I would just rev up the dog walking. Maybe do a mini warm up before going, the warm up on the preview section is good. Then stride out. you're dog will appreciate it to x

over 4 years

I would recommend starting with the Sunday yoga as that's really calm and relaxed and not strenuous. The Monday workout was very fast paced but you only do as much as you can. I overdid it and could hardly walk yesterday so chickened out of yoga 😂😂😂 will see how I am when I get in tonight as to whether I do it tonight or not! I'd say try it and see how you get on 😊 you'll build up to doing it all, I know I will x