Hello! 😆
Wishing you all a healthy and happy new year! I hope you have enjoyed your Christmas.
Whilst I chilled on the sofa last night with my family, I had time to think about what I want to achieve in 2018 - so I have set some specific resolutions:

1. To be able to do a handstand by my 28th Birthday in March
2. To consume less plastic
3. To take 4 holidays this year - I welcome any suggestions ??
4. And lastly, to make my son Shay laugh every day.

Now ladies, I want to know yours?! Share with us. 😘

I will also be making more time to share content on Glow Guides and chat to you lovely people. Now is the best time to start my Munch, Move and Meditate lifestyle, I personally can't wait to get stuck in! Who's starting this week with me? Have a great day and a great year beautiful. Xx

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over 2 years

I'm going to my first yoga festival in August as a mini-holiday. Check out Soul Circus in Gloucestershire.

over 2 years

1. Work towards becoming vegetarian - starting with the vegan plan today!
2. Get into the gym - which I love - at least 4 times a week
3. Meditate daily
4. Finish writing my book & publish it
5. Go on at least 3 yoga retreats
6. Visit the only state I’ve not been to yet
7. Hot springs!! Twice 😏
8. Get my gardens on point
9. Read all the books in my bedroom pile
10. Laugh more

over 2 years

I’ve decided that this is my year to learn to headstand and to get into the splits! I’m also moving to a vegetarian diet by crowding out the meat with veggies 😜

Tasha's Kitchen
over 2 years

I’m starting the plan today! It’s my 3rd time doing & I’m looking forward to cutting out all the sugar & rubbish I’ve been eating recently.

My NYR are:
1. Drink 2 litres of water a day.
2. Read at least 1 book per month.
3. Better bedtime routine.
4. Get into volunteering.
5. Take part in a 5k run.

Bring on 2018! 🌅

over 2 years

I’ve decided to get healthier so started the 8 week plan yesterday! I was so full and I lost 4lb!!! That just shows how much rubbish I’ve been eating!! Munch and meditate are going well....move, not so well 🤣

over 2 years

My resolution is simply to be kind to my body, to nourish it with good, healthy food, to follow your yoga plan, which I love, love (more please) and not worry or stress if things don't go to plan. that's life! Happy health New Year to you all xxx

Jackie Richards
over 2 years

1. To see my gorgeous grandchildren weekly - they change so fast!
2. Do some serious decluttering of my House.
3. Just enjoy my new lifestyle.