Deodorant test! I used the Jason on one armpit and sure on the other then did my sweat workout. I had my husband blind smell and he thought the Jason was better. On the sure he said he could smell the deodorant plus body odour. The sure also made my skin tacky. Now I'll see if the Jason can hold up all day!

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about 2 years

Try Salt of the Earth products. They are 100% naturally occurring salt rocks that now come in a roll-on shaped stick. The salt kills the odour causing bacteria so while you still perspire, there is no smell.. amazing, and zero toxins.

about 2 years

I’m gonna give this a go. Thanks for the tip!

Jess Cuerden
about 2 years

This is interesting!! I’ve been struggling with itchy armpits lately and I’m convinced it’s the alcohol and chemicals in normal deodorant. I may give this a go!

Gemma Johnson
about 2 years

Love this, who said romance was dead?!? 😂 😂 😂 Good to know though, I've been using Pitrock but might give this one a try Xx