Was just wondering if any of u still drink tea/coffee and if not what do u take instead? What about snacks.

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over 2 years

I too just drink coffee and I never thought I'd not feel like a cup of tea! Nuts are my snack of choice instead of energy balls. 40g of almonds plus 2 Brazil nuts for selenium.

over 2 years

I still drink tea and coffee but probably only have one or two teas per day and one or two coffees a week. The rest of the time I just have water/golden milk/infusions. I don't often find I need to snack anymore since I eat bigger portions of my main meals, previously a GG meal would probably do me 3-4 portions.

over 2 years

Drinking coffee with almond milk - don’t drink tea, but il have a few herbal teas throughout the day, snaking on fruit trying but not always succeeding to avoid chocolate!

over 2 years

I drink tea and coffee. I don't really snack. I might have some fruit or one of the energy balls on the plan mid afternoon, but I've started having lunch really late so I don't normally bother snacking. It's all about balance when you're thinking about long term changes. I've changed my eating and drinking habits massively and so I'm still making good progress without feeling deprived. Suppose it depends on your starting point and what seems harder to cut back or give up. I don't think of any food or drink as being a "good choice" or a " bad choice". I just eat healthy unprocessed smaller portions 80% of the time and 20% of the time I have whatever I fancy