Anyone take a probiotic tablet (for the gut) if so which one is best.

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Elena Gontarz
over 2 years

@Donna17 Yes, I do - Bio-Kult. I think Madeleine recommends it too. It has 14 various strains of good bacteria. I find it really good. It definitely improved my gut flora - I am judging by the absence of heartburn and digestive issues. My husband the same. So we can certainly vouch for that. Also to improve gut PH Level i drink a glass of water with 2 tablespoons of raw Apple cider vinegar and a tablespoon of lemon juice first thing in the morning 20mins before food. Does wonders ! 😉 hope this helps! Good luck!

over 2 years

No I don’t take a probiotic?

over 2 years

I'm also interested to hear about this. I have been looking at the possibility of taking kefir for this purpose.