Hi glow ladies, I've started the glow plan today after buying it early last year! I've recently had a baby (3 months ago) my second - (11 year age gap!) planned addition to our family. I'm 40 this year and have been eating terribly since I could make my own food choices. I always stayed slim but my skin suffered terribly. Now I eat better my skin is better but I also still eat the crap and the weight is piling on and I've become extremely unhappy in myself again. I also suffer with anxiety and take tablets to help. I'm really hoping that after a long time of an unhealthy relationship with food and a terrible body image this plan will help (no pressure!!). I've read some of your posts and find them so inspiring and it helped me get the courage to start. I've got the usual "why am I bothering" voice going round in my head but I think I can ignore it this time. Please keep posting your inspirational posts it means a lot!

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over 2 years

congrats!!!! It took me forever to get started too. No idea why?! The shopping lists make things especially easy when you've got your hands full already. x

over 2 years

Congratulations on the new baby, and welcome 😘 from one mama to another it’s important to put ourselves first so we’re healthy and happy for our babies, I’ve been doing loads of walking now that spring seems to have sprung I’ve found the fresh air is a tonic xx