I'd like to introduce you to...

Glow-Co-Nuts, my new coconut moisturising face mask that I created in collaboration with Origins uk! I just know you’re going to love it. I used to have dry, dull skin and I broke out a lot and was really self-conscious about it, this product has totally transformed my skin. It feels deliciously plump and it looks lovely and glowy. Coconut is the most incredible hydrator so if you ever get dull, dry, stressed out skin then Glow-Co-Nuts could be your complexion’s new best friend Glow Girls. ✨

This limited edition mask is available exclusively online for two weeks (click link below) before it’s released at Origins counters nationwide!! I'd love to see some mask selfies my lovely Glow Girls.

Happy Sunday. Lets Glow. 💛

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over 2 years

This is an amazing achievement, Madeleine! Great job!😄👏🏻 Haven't tried it yet, but if we ever get it in Norway I'm definitely buying it🙏🏻🌸