Happy Sunday everyone! One of my favourite things about having access to this programme is how it makes me think outside the box when it comes to meals. I haven’t shopped yet and didn’t think I had much in for breakfast. Then I remembered that I’d made the broccoli pesto from the Week 2 menus this week and had some left over. So I made an omelette with spiralised courgette, some tomatoes that needed using and put some pesto on top. It was delicious! Thank you so much @Madeleine Shaw for sharing these recipes with us all. I’m truly grateful 🙌🏼. Now for a long walk with my doggy 🐶 #move #munch (I’ll #meditate later 😊) ❤️💫👌🏼

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Madeleine Shaw
about 2 years

You are so welcome lovely @Nicola Jones ☺️ Thank you, more importantly, for your support! I am so glad you love it. Xx

glow lifestyle
about 2 years

Way to get creative. Those meals are the most satisfying when you thought you didn't have anything to eat!