Hi Glow Girls,

I’ve bought the app and very keen to start the journey - very different to my current habits. Can anyone let me know if you need the equipment for the workouts? Not sure I have the space for a bench in my flat would prefer not to have to take out a gym contract in addition. Any tips on the exercise greatly appreciated! Also do you ladies manage the meditation and exercise every morning?

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almost 2 years

For after work is the best time for exercise then shower, pyjamas and supper!

about 2 years

Hi welcome! I try and do the meditation before I leave the house, The exercise is hard to fit in so I try and do something every other day, not always the workouts included. aim for progress rather than perfection!

glow lifestyle
about 2 years

Hey, I use a kitchen chair from ikea instead of a bench and it works great. I bought the resistance band too but I don't think you really need it you could swap in another arm exercise.